Salesforce Spring’21 Release Development Summary

Salesforce Spring’21 pre-release is available and sandboxes will be upgraded on 8th Jan’ 21 onward to get the feature available. We will get lot of new features on Sales. Service, Revenue, Field Service Lightning, LWC, Apex and others. Will check here all development features…

  1. Create a Lightning Web Component Action 
    • Problem Statement – Lightning Web Component was not supporting to create a quick action. To achieve this, we have to embed the LWC component in an AURA Componet

Now Create Lightning Web Component and use it as quick action

Create a Lightning Web Component, then create an object specific quick action that references the Lightning web component.

New Action dialog box

Then, add the action to the object’s record page using the page layout or the Lightning App Builder.

2. Transaction Finalizers in Asynchronous Apex Jobs 

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