What is Salesforce B2B commerce?

ecommerce is not only the online shopping for daily need of people, but any business organization can sell and buy to and from another organization which mean business to bussiness online purchase is B2B commerce. Salesforce B2B commerce is an online ecommerce platform designed specifically from business for online purchase. It enabled companies to createContinue reading “What is Salesforce B2B commerce?”

Salesforce Spring’21 Release Development Summary

Salesforce Spring’21 pre-release is available and sandboxes will be upgraded on 8th Jan’ 21 onward to get the feature available. We will get lot of new features on Sales. Service, Revenue, Field Service Lightning, LWC, Apex and others. Will check here all development features… Create a Lightning Web Component Action  Problem Statement – Lightning WebContinue reading “Salesforce Spring’21 Release Development Summary”